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August 2016[ | ]

A lot of delays in development updates while refactoring major parts of the game. In current build:

  • Player Movement! this is HUGE. Originally there were no plans for animated player movement and instead was going to be all text/terminal based. Check out our twitter posts for videos of walking around a mocked up space station!
  • Public transportation - added this back in. As you walk around the space station, you can now interact with the ticket terminal to travel to another stellar system.
  • Goods and Stock Markets - working to add these features back in. The major rewrite changed the way in which panels are loaded and require some tweaking.

March 2015[ | ]

  • finishing up some website coordination with this wiki
  • reload resources, added new classification: rare-paranormal
  • code refactor for stock market terminal
  • navigation of the QUOTRON terminal established in the main class file
  • ASCII art finalized for QUOTRON start screen
  • server methods setup for basic stock market actions
  • selection of broker setup, but only for testing, lacks acceptance and broker info screen
  • cron design for market downtime

Jan/Feb 2015[ | ]

  • created the data model for the stock market
  • populated the stock market companies
  • created the initial tickers for 5 years of market activity
  • finished the panel for trading stocks
  • finished the framework for handling keyboard shortcuts in the stock interface

designed the following concepts:

  • general goods trade
  • gambling
  • player run banks
  • player run brokerage houses
  • in-game email
  • currency markets
  • black market trade

Dec 2014[ | ]

  • completed raw material data model and application to populate initial test set

October-November 2014[ | ]

  • built controls to let players travel via public transportation
  • included controls that allow players to use a galaxy atlas to see the systems in the galaxy
  • completed the game clock code. The game officially started on 1/1/1967. I hope the full release happens, in game time, on July 16, 1969.

September 2014[ | ]

  • began populating the databases with raw materials

August 2014[ | ]

  • set the attributes for raw materials
  • set the classifications for raw materials
  • created the application for generating the randomized materials
  • applied the new game panel system to the main controls
  • added new security to the game server API
  • received permission to use the trademarks for "digital electronics corporation" in the game.

July 2014[ | ]

  • redesigned the layout of the game screen
  • removed the last of the "Star Trek" style screens
  • set a color palette for all ROM panels
  • designed all ROM panels to be fictional PDP panels largely based on KL-10 and PDP 8-12.

June 2014[ | ]

  • took a break
  • bought new computer
  • created the task list for planet population
  • set direction of the starting game
  • began naming the initial set of planets

May 2014[ | ]

  • connecting new game panels to game engine
  • connecting variables for use in player terminal
  • rewriting the travel engine for the new engine sequence written in April

April 2014[ | ]

  • created 4 primary panels for controlling the power grid, stellar engines and the mini-bridge control panel.
  • dropped all LCARS (Star Trek) inspired artwork from previous panels
  • changed stellar engine start sequence
  • made the "normal" ship speed faster
  • increased size of solar system from 500k units to 4mil units
  • set average time to cross a solar system to 40 minutes

March 2014[ | ]

  • completed icons for website and in-game branding for Monk James
  • finalized the storyline presented in pieces on the blog
  • created a bare bone website

February 2014[ | ]

  • finalize the basic storyline, hippies take over the earth
  • decided to use Monk James in the storyline
  • proved many concepts in code for space travel
  • established critical path for alpha build