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The marketplace is where players can buy and sell generic goods. For example, players can craft items to sell to NPCs in the game such as Beer. Players can also buy and sell the items for profit by traveling to other space stations to sell items they bought. The goods market is instanced.

Basic Features of the Marketplace[ | ]

  • The Marketplace is instanced.

This means that all interactions with the Marketplace are specific to the player and each player has a separate interaction with the marketplace. To spell this out further, if Player A and Player B were at the same space station, they would see different prices at the marketplace.

  • Players interact with the Marketplace through an NPC Vendor

When you launch the marketplace the vendor introduces them self to you. From there you have the option to buy or sell goods. Vendors remain the same while at a space station.

  • Prices are not set in stone

Players see prices in the market as a BID. When a player wishes to buy or sell, they give the vendor the item number and quantity they wish to trade. The vendor then returns with an offer. The offer may be above or below the BID. At this point the player may accept the offer or counter offer. Negotiation continues until either the player accepts the vendor offer, the vendor accepts the player offer or the player or vendor end the negotiation entirely by refusing the offer on the table.

  • Availability of Items is not Static

The quantity of an item in stock for purchase is also randomized. Each product in the marketplace is setup with a system to randomize the quantity available for purchase. These ranges are handled outside the instanced system and are a reflection of player supply/demand.

  • Prices can change drastically

The prices in the marketplace are completely randomized but remain the same for as long as a player is at a space station. There are times when an item may experience a massive increase or decrease in price. When this happens the supply is usually affected. If the price is very low, there may be much less in stock for the player to purchase.

  • You can only sell what you arrived with

When you arrive in a space station, the quantity of each item you possess is recorded and is now the maximum quantity that you may sell. To put this in a different way, if you arrive at a space station and an item is suddenly worth 500 times more than usual, you cannot ask all your friends to give you their items so you can make a massive profit. You also cannot sell items from shared warehouses or warehouses you manage on other space stations. The same sort of rule is not applied to items that drop drastically in price because the quantity available is generally limited. So a player can request loans from banks or other players to help them maximize profits on these rare deals.