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The markets are divided into four different types: General Goods Market, Black Market, Stock Market and Currency Trade. Note that the order of that list directly relates to the volatility of trade opportunities. Players seeking very high risk/reward will find the currency markets the most exciting but also the fastest way to lose everything.

General Goods[ | ]

General goods are divided into five levels. As players make trades, their proficiency increases so that they may trade goods in higher levels. Players start at level 0 and progress up to level 4.

Level 0 goods: textiles, precious gems, precious metals, artwork, books, coffee, tea, spices, water, electronics, hand tools, power tools, building supplies, general cargo and computer parts.

Level 1 goods: wine, beer and liquor.

Level 2 goods: vegetables, fruit, meat, rice, grain and prepared foods.

Level 3 goods: livestock, tobacco, plants and flora.

Level 4 goods: fuel, medicine, medical supplies, refinement chemicals and explosives.

The levels associated with general goods are tied to the type of storage containers necessary for transporting goods or due to laws governing trade of those goods. Players starting out are limited to the least volatile goods on the market. As the player progresses, they are able to trade a wider variety of items.

When browsing the markets to buy and sell goods at each spaceport, players can view all items whether or not they are allowed to trade them. In some cases, players may happen upon goods they may not purchase. In these cases, players may sell them but they are unable to purchase more of them until they reach the appropriate level of proficiency.

Black Market[ | ]

Similar to general goods, the black market is also divided into five levels of goods that players may trade.

Level 0: marijuana, LSD, rare artifacts, exotic animal parts, counterfeit currency, general narcotics, alien narcotics and speed

Level 1: cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, opium and crack

Level 2: weapons and ammunition

Level 3: slaves

Level 4: military grade weapons, alien ship components and schematics

Also similar to general goods, the levels associated have to do with the storage containers required for the different goods.

Stock Market[ | ]

Currency Market[ | ]